Pixel Savvy

What We Do

Pixel Savvy provides Internet-based technology services to enable businesses and organizations to expand their reach and communicate more effectively.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems are web applications that are designed to allow businesses of all sizes to simplify the processes of updating and maintaining a competitive website. Pixel Savvy offers web-based content editing software that can be tailored to your companies' specific needs and requirements.

A CMS allows non-technical users to manage all aspects of a website or group of websites. The CMS interface is designed to be very simple and requires very little training or previous technical knowledge to get started. This is a unique solution offering easy-to-use authoring and publishing tools for an entire organization from web developers to business users

Benefits of Using Content Management Systems

  • Empower business users to create and manage content.
  • Automate processes associated with managing the Web.
  • Lower the time and costs associated with managing sites.
  • Turn sites into interactive marketing applications.

Database Driven Websites

Database driven websites, also referred to as “Dynamic websites”, allow online businesses to operate more efficiently, thus saving countless hours, effort, and money. Online stores, web portals, online catalogues or blogs are all types of websites that would normally be database driven.

Benefits of Using a Database Driven Website

  • Dynamic Content: Content such as press releases, company newsletters, product updates can all be updated dynamically, saving time and money.
  • Enhanced Website Interactivity: Instantly alert customers to new products or price changes, or forward Web-generated leads to sales representatives and distributors automatically.
  • Reduced Website Maintenance: Website page content can be updated dynamically by changing the information in the custom database itself.

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